Dirty TED

I’ll admit I have a particularly New England reaction to the TED conference, some kind of self-satisfied but silent disapproval of the idea of a conference of special people all listening and applauding each other.

And I feel I should be invited, because I’m a genius.

But more imporantly, no one told me Mike Rowe was speaking* there, damnit:

Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs | Video on TED.com.

* About castrating lambs, and unintended consequences. And castrating lambs with your teeth.

Why am I writing this:
Mostly because I’m jealous of TED attendees… seem to move in a different circle from the rest of us. I worry if I miss a day of work that something’s going to get fubar… the cemeteries are full of irreplaceable men and all that notwithstanding. And because I actually think Mike Rowe belongs talking there — because even though he’s a tourist, he’s a tourist who’s willing to eat the local delicacy and drink the water and get, well, duh, dirty.

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