Why this isn’t just a website…

So. If you glance at the page before you, you’ll see that, well, it’s not much of a blog. It’s a little piffle of postings, but I have every INTENT of keeping up the trickle and eventually there will be some vast digital corpus and everyone in the world will benefit from it and my 9 month old son will sleep through the night and there will be peace in the Middle East and so on.

But seriously – someone said that blogs are just another way of publishing a website. And that’s TRUE, factually. The mechanism used is definitely just another way of putting a site up, and most, maybe even this one, are the equivalent of those grey pages with pictures left justified with blue outlines of some biology department data processing nerds overfed Siamese sitting in a Hello Kitty lunch box that we used to see in, say, 1993.

But blogs are also something much much different… maybe. (There’s a compelling argument that they’re actually something much the same, but it’s tiring to make. Suffice to say, it’s about COMMUNICATION). This is something that I only JUST truly realized by posting, with trackback links, my previous post. I’d read Julian Bleeker’s “Why things matter” a few months ago, following a link from Boing Boing, passed it on to some people, talked about it A LOT, because it really jibed with ideas of agency and clusters and such that float around in my head, and that it was about an IDEA, not some new card or chip or whatnot. It captures a paradigm (put on your waders, I’m getting deep…) THE POINT BEING: I really really liked it, and wanted to talk to the guy who wrote it. But I didn’t do anything about it. Not part of my standard operating procedure to contact strangers.

Anyhow, months later, I’m reading a post on his blog, thinking “Hey, I should send that around to the people I sent the original article to” when better thought (disproving “first thought, best thought” ) pops in my head : “Blog it, dumbass”. So, I do. And what happens? He posts a response. Now, before you think I’m all gushy about this, I’m not. It’s just frikin’ NEAT. I have engaged in a CONVERSATION with him (albeit, a short one), not on my blog, not on his, but ACROSS them. Spatially, where does that conversation take place?

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