Cyber Lions, BFD

So, the Cannes Cyber Lions

Big fucking deal.
I know. They matter, in the same way the Oscars and Grammys and whatnot matter. They’re about affirmation. They help (like all awards) impress clients, they help recognize something about something for someone.

First – a disclaimer: There is some great, funny stuff in there. I’m less peeved about the entrants than about the category, and what it represents… There are people who put their time away from their families and friends to pull this stuff off, and they deserve respect for that.

The thing is — looking at the thumbnails for each category, they all look the fucking same. Flash piece, centered more often than not in a dark background. One off. No depth. Something to play with. They are, painfully, devastatingly, CLEARLY the modern equivalent of the :30. I will create something hemmed in. Something I can contain. I will allow people to email it, and hence it will be VIRAL (which, different rant later, it wouldn’t be, it would be simply SPREAD VIA EMAIL)

SURE, they offer interaction. They offer depth, or something. But at the end, they just sort of sit there, make us gawk, make us giggle, whatever… but that’s because we just increasingly stare at a different screen for increasingly more hours…

Internet time means these are already stale, stolen and stagnant ideas. Great creative, no doubt, fun, no doubt, interesting, no doubt, but beat. I guess I’m expecting innovation to be rewarded at a show that’s about status quo to some degree – “Our model still works!” I mean, the Cannes award is for creativity, so it’d be hard to give an award to some dude at Amazon who figured out that people will buy more shit if they pair it together,

You know what? I’m wrong. It’s not the work that’s stale. It’s our thinking about it. We still think in terms of units. Of discrete. Of visual only. Of I don’t know what, I just know we have an old model and a new unmodeled reality that are smashing up against each other, and it cranks me out.

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