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Just read Russell Davies’ post which, among many other things, makes a glancing reference to William Gibson’s latest book Zero History.
Truthfully, Davies post is explicitly him throwing some ideas out there trying to jumpstart an article for Wired. But I wanna focus on something that jumped out at me reading it, around his notion [...]

Video killed the radio star.

Looking at this:
Browser brawl: Street Fighter comes to YouTube - Offworld.
So, yeah. Kinda neat. But the technology just isn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome exploration of what can be done with a ‘new technology’.
But then you look at an ‘old’ technology:
Play With Me
And get blown away.
So, is our goal the [...]

Why thoughts matter…

Julian Bleecker - the dude who wrote the thing about Why things matter and blogjects — riffing in a PhD way on the whole spimes thing etc etc — has a post up that, well, resonates:
Nutshell: He’s been reading other’s responses to his blogjects riffs, and seems to be defending, somewhat, against the notion [...]