This is the Modern World

A presentation from Webstock via O’Reilly Radar:

The Demon-Haunted World.

Delving into the networked, invisible environment we live in, and increasingly REALLY live in, as in, it isn’t a layer upon the world, but the water in which we swim.

Why am I writing about this?:

  1. Blogjects!
  2. Introduced me to the Archigrams group.
  3. Fascinated with psychogeography, and the Situationist’s in general.
  4. Has a reference to ‘walking cities’, which is previsioned IN PASSING in Hodgman’s The Night Lands
  5. Reading a pot-boiler called Daemon right now that dovetails nicely with this… but in a less benign way.

Why thoughts matter…

Julian Bleecker – the dude who wrote the thing about Why things matter and blogjects — riffing in a PhD way on the whole spimes thing etc etc — has a post up that, well, resonates:

Nutshell: He’s been reading other’s responses to his blogjects riffs, and seems to be defending, somewhat, against the notion that there’s nothing new there. There’s no new ‘technology’ (read, no new thing per se), or specific tool that enables this — so why the big deal?

His response: It’s a new way of thinking, and that is something new.

His conclusion, to me, is why a blog is NOT just another way to publish a website. Unless, of course, you are just publishing a website.

I may have mischaracterized. If so, please correct me. In either event, my take away:

New ideas != new tools
New ideas = new uses