Video killed the radio star.


Looking at this:

Browser brawl: Street Fighter comes to YouTube – Offworld.

So, yeah. Kinda neat. But the technology just isn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome exploration of what can be done with a ‘new technology’.

But then you look at an ‘old’ technology:

Play With Me

And get blown away.

So, is our goal the notoriety of having a YouTube based ‘game’ or a fully realized experience? (I’m sure in this case, Browser Brawl is a fun experiment, with a little hope for notoriety thrown in. No harm there.)

As a technologist I’m constantly asked “What’s new technology we could do something with?”. And answering that is tricky, for exactly this reason. Is it that we want to be using the latest bleeding edge technology for it’s own sake, or do we have an idea and a vision of what we want for the user, and find the tool that suits?