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So… this here article touches on something pretty close to my heart:

Coming out as a gamer still turns you into a social n00b | Game theory | Jack Arnott | Technology | The Guardian.

About once a month I have a conversation go on a rant, usually with at my wife as she’ll listen to me without backing away, about how I find there to be a very clear hypocrisy, that goes hand in hand with an adult view of “play” not being for, well, adults.

The conversation rant is essentially this:

People seem to allow for, say, a Giants fan to not go out on the day/night of a game because of said game. Or a Pats fan. Or a Celtics fan. Or whatever.

Vacations may be scheduled around golf. Or whatnot.

But if you want to spend a few hours of your off time say, playing a video game or WORSE, playing an RPG, you are a bit freakish.

And I just don’t get it. I mean, I get it. I get the thinking (wrongheaded) that leads to that. Pretend is for children, adults are about the real world, etc etc. But I guess… hm… I guess the revolution is just to slow and late for me.

Because here’s the deal, darlings – play is how you figure shit out. Social shit. Science shit. Politics shit. Financial shit. All that shit. It’s how we learn without actually getting killed, bankrupted, burnt, fired, gouged, dissed, or hurt badly.

UPDATE: Ok. that’s not a conversation, it’s a rant… I get it…

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