Ride on the cluetrain

Not the peace train.

I am relieved to find that I am not so old, not so jaded, not so distant from my previous selves as to find myself unmoved at this:


Sixteen years, though? Sixteen?

Of course, I am so old, so jaded, but not at all distant from my previous self that I can’t fail to comment that the original BOOK was used as a business tool by the earlier we, those who thought we’d all end up in gold collar jobs, before it became clear that there were lines being drawn that weren’t as easy to cross as we hoped, that we were all playing a lottery. We thought we were stepping onto the set of Star Trek and it turns out to be Neuromancer.

That said — let’s see what we can move before we are moved off, eh?

Two ideas i’ve got in development: EnviroBot, Emography


A robot that wanders around my house taking temperature readings, time and location stamping them. Where is it cold and when? Does this tell me anything useful?


Emotional geography, tracking my emotions time location and maybe activity. iPhone app/server, probably.

Both would be well served by http://www.pachube.com/ (also @pachube on the Tweet machine)

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