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On Playing BioShock Infinite for a few hours with my wife watching…

This article echoes a lot of what I’m feeling about BioShock Infinite, after only a few hours of playing, and also my wife’s experience.
Possible minor SPOILERS, but, uh, who’s reading this anyhow?
Last night, I was playing BioShock Infinite and had really only just begun the game, at which point there’s a set piece that [...]


Just read Russell Davies’ post which, among many other things, makes a glancing reference to William Gibson’s latest book Zero History.
Truthfully, Davies post is explicitly him throwing some ideas out there trying to jumpstart an article for Wired. But I wanna focus on something that jumped out at me reading it, around his notion [...]

Noumenon. Phenomenon.

Some really fantastic work.
The Art of Jim Campbell: Seeing In Pixels - Boing Boing.

Game On

So… this here article touches on something pretty close to my heart:
Coming out as a gamer still turns you into a social n00b | Game theory | Jack Arnott | Technology | The Guardian.
About once a month I have a conversation go on a rant, usually with at my wife as she’ll listen to me [...]


Catching up on my reading after vaca, reading Coding Horror :: The Xanadu Dream reminded me it’s time for my yearly re-reading of:
Wired Mags 1995 article..
Truly this, and the book Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software are two of my favorite non-techie non-fiction reads about [...]