The Veldt

Star Trek ep - Miri - You really must see this episode.
Bonk bonk on the head…

I use the Bradbury story name  somewhat tongue in cheek, but this article is tantalizing (as in: I want to read more). I worry daily about the balance of play (and exploration) in my kids lives.  I use a picture from a Star Trek episode a little less tongue in cheek.


The current dilemma I find is that there is SO little in their school lives (though they both go to what I would consider great schools) that free time needs to be scheduled — paradoxically.

I think it extends past the kids, though. We devalue play, active play, to our detriment.


Oh oh oh it’s magic!

Children at a puppet show, Paris 1963
Children at a puppet show, Paris 1963

This is a class I would love (and will, in fact follow) to take.

It smashes among other things right into what I hope to use technology to do — like the picture above. I pull that picture out whenever I start to lose my bearings. We should be entertained, delighted, eased. (Not, I might add, anesthetized.)



Dead Letter Office


Ian Bogost, who for some clearly biased reason I assume doesn’t have to deal with the kind of weird office cultures and practices that I do, has pretty much nailed the “FWD:”

I have an ongoing battle (internal as well as through actions) over directness and clarity. There is simply not enough of it, and in this context particularly, the modern ‘workplace’.  I worry, sincerely I do WORRY — this literally kept me up the other night — that we are neck deep in some kind of delusional manipulation and we have lost the plot, that these are the last days.

The section below from Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe seems to sum up what I’m seeing on the local, daily stage — not just at my workplace but from the sounds of things EVERYWHERE…