Core77 Presents: Greener Gadgets Design Competition

So, being a dad, and a geeky dad, I was drawn to these notional (as yet) toys, the Fastronauts. Part of a competition for Greener Gadgets they make me happy on about 10 different levels.

I love the fact that the toys gain value by actually DOING something… there’s a feedback loop here that’s like a pet, but not as messy when something goes wrong.

What I’m thinking:
How could this kind of deep integration with activity and behavior be harnessed for other means? Could a company that focuses on wireless communications build/license a phone/tools that allow you more talk time if you invest energy (via time or activities) into socially responsible behavior? Or a package delivery service that enables you to offset the carbon cost of getting that very important, uh, thing?, somewhere very far away quickly by doing something fun?

Right now, much of the corporate stance is about how the corporation is helping the world. I’d like to see more about applying the corporate infrastructures and insight to enabling the consumer to take part in that in an engaging (I said it!) way…

(Via Inhabitots, and Core77)